Community Outreach

At Kaleidoscope Krossing, community outreach is a core value. Serving others. Giving back to those in need. Showing love for the people around us. In the hectic, hustle-bustle world we live in, we are often too busy to help others. We don’t realize what differences we could make if we only stepped out of ourselves to serve those around us.

At Kaleidoscope Krossing, you can be part of this servant mentality. You can help us as we explore different ways to support the community. We will be offering a variety of outreach opportunities which will bring people together, make them feel valued and share the love of Christ with others. Some ways we’ll plant our seeds in the community include:

Partnering with local assisted living facilities

Providing free workshops which offer basic life skills

Bringing youth groups together to help others

If you’re interested in being part of our service activities or if you’d like to help fund Kaleidoscope Krossing’s community outreach programs, please contact us. We welcome any support you’d be interested in contributing.