As a community center, Kaleidoscope Krossing strives to be a place where you can come to relax, have fun and connect with other people. We are conveniently located just two blocks south of downtown Noblesville. On-site parking is available, and we can comfortably host up to 49 people. We have kitchen facilities and three gathering spaces which can be configured in a variety of layouts to accommodate your specific needs.


Kaleidoscope Krossing is a quaint, cozy space to rent for your next event. With beautiful wood detailing, wrap-around bay windows and flexibility in space layout, our facility is the perfect location for events including:

Bible studies and small group meeting space

Birthday parties

High school graduation

Weekly game of Dominos, game nights, place to meet for coffee and friends



Kaleidoscope Krossing can be rented for private events. We can provide full planning and/or workshop content to meet your specific needs. Some events to consider include:

Customized homeschooling programs

Youth group events

Corporate meetings (team-building, communications, other topics can be taught)

Pinterest parties, girls-night-out, movie night


Average hourly rental prices for groups up to 49 people typically range from $25-$40 per hour.

Increase in prices listed above may apply dependent upon specific needs for your event. (birthday party planning, food provisions, team-building activities, and/or other event-planning needs you may have). If you’re interested in renting our cozy cottage, please contact us to discuss specific rental rates and details. We’d love to make your next event a special one!