Kaleidoscope Krossing’s mission is to grow and connect people through creative arts, community outreach and faith. We bring fresh ideas to our workshops while also encouraging ideas from others. Kaleidoscope Krossing’s vision is to be a unique venue where people come to have fun, experience creativity through the arts, explore their faith and reach out to serve others in the community.

Creative Expression

In all we do at Kaleidoscope Krossing, creativity is a core element. Creativity is a means of expressing your individuality…a way of sharing a bit of yourself with others. Group dialogues and interactive workshops will encourage you to be creative and have fun! 


At Kaleidoscope Krossing, our workshops are interactive and engaging – they are all about connecting with others. Each of us has our own thoughts and beliefs, which are fun to explore in a group setting. Through hands-on activities and classes, we will explore these different perspectives together. We also encourage connecting with others not only at Kaleidoscope Krossing but within the community.

Community Outreach

Community involvement and support of our local community is a core value at Kaleidoscope Krossing. A number of our projects and workshops will focus on serving others in the community. This servant mentality is one way Kaleidoscope Krossing plans to help others as we add color to the “kaleidoscope” of our community.